Serving the local community since 1906, the original Langport East station site at Eastover was closed in September 1962 as part of the Beeching cuts. Later the Langport West station was also closed, leaving no railway stations to serve the area of Langport and Huish Episcopi.

An unofficial survey in 2004 showed that one of the main hopes of the residents of Langport was to have the railway station reopened.

A new Langport station could see environmentally-friendly sprinter type trains connecting the town to Taunton and Castle Cary.

Using some of the carriages from the District and Circle Lines in London, which are being taken out of service, and refurbishing these to be powered by biomethane (renewable natural gas made from local organic wastes) will result in an environmentally friendly, low carbon, sustainable railway service.

Hence the name ‘Somerset District and Circle Line’ which will eventually serve a series of re-opened and existing stations on a circular route through , Langport, Taunton, Bridgwater, Weston-super Mare, Bristol, Bath, Bradford on Avon, Trowbridge Westbury, Frome, Bruton, Castle Cary, Somerton, Upton and back to Langport. The number of reopened stations will depend on the funds we can raise from the government and local communities.

Initially what is needed is an independent feasilibity study, which we hope will result in the recommendation to re-open Langport and Somerton stations, and one of these lightweight trains to join these stations with Castle Cary and Taunton.

There will be many phases before our aspiriations for a true Somerset District and Circle Line are realised, but we believe that such a concept will improve and revitalise local travel.

The line will become a regular and user-friendly service for local travel around Somerset, better access to the cities of Bristol and Bath, and access to the mainline intercity services stopping at Bristol, Bath, Westbury and Taunton.