The first station at Langport was opened on 1 October 1853 on the Yeovil Branch Line, this later became known as Langport West.

In 1906 Langport East station opened on the new stretch of line to shorten the Paddington-Exeter distance.

View of Langport East station

View of Langport East station

The new station gave access to direct trains to London but was unusual for stations on this line in that the main building was on the westbound platform.

Lang port East station still in use

Langport East station still in use

Between this station and Curry Rivel Junction, where the Cut-Off joined the old branch line, the track crossed some moors on a low viaduct and the River Parrett on a 105 feet (32 metres) iron girder bridge.

Langport railway bridge over the River Parrett

“Langport River Parrett rail bridge” by Geof Sheppard

The station was closed in 1964 as part of the Beeching cuts, along with Somerton and four small, local stations.

Langport East station today

Langport East station today